ABS 750

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Product Name: ABS 750

ABS 750 represents a versatile and robust general-purpose ABS offering from Port Plastics, tailored for a wide array of applications across multiple industries. This prime ABS material is celebrated for its exceptional impact strength and resilience under thermal stress, making it ideal for thermoforming processes. As an amorphous thermoplastic, ABS 750 processes with ease, showcasing its adaptability and efficiency in manufacturing. Its main attributes include high impact resistance, remarkable tensile strength, a robust flexural modulus, and an impressive heat deflection temperature, ensuring reliability and durability in demanding environments.

  • HIGH IMPACT RESISTANCE: Designed to withstand severe impact, ABS 750 ensures durability and longevity in applications prone to physical stress.
  • TENSILE STRENGTH: Its high tensile strength signifies the material's ability to resist stretching or tearing under tension, making it ideal for heavy-duty use.
  • FLEXURAL MODULUS: A high flexural modulus indicates that ABS 750 maintains its shape under force, suitable for structural applications.
  • HEAT DEFLECTION: With a high heat deflection temperature, ABS 750 performs exceptionally in environments exposed to elevated temperatures.

Targeting industries such as home appliances, food processing, automotive, fixture construction, food engineering, electronics, and medical technology, ABS 750 from Port Plastics proves to be a highly adaptable and reliable material choice.