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High-Performance ABSYLUX CN-P Conductive ABS

ABSYLUX CN-P Conductive ABS is the perfect solution for industries from aerospace to semiconductor. It is high stiffness, impact-resistant, dimensionally stable, easy to machine, formable, and bondable. Made in North America, ABSYLUX CN-P Conductive ABS ensures the highest quality and durability. Its conductive property provides a unique advantage and guarantees performance.


  • High-performance conductive ABS
  • Enhanced durability
  • Professional standard
  • Versatile use
  • Thermoformable
  • Bondable
  • Easy to machine and fabricate
  • Suitable for a range of industries

The material used in ABSYLUX CN-P offers ease of machinability, making it suitable for professional fabrications and perfect for structural applications. Our ABSYLUX CN-P is easy to thermoform and designed to meet versatile construction needs. ABSYLUX CN-P Conductive ABS, suitable for all ages, comes in various sizes and tolerates high impact. Ideal for the electronics and medical technology industries.

  • HIGH STIFFNESS: ABSYLUX CN-P Conductive ABS measures a surface resistivity of 10^2 – 10^6 ohm/sq, making it perfect for structural applications in demanding industries like aerospace or semiconductor. Available in various sizes.
  • IMPACT RESISTANT: Includes an inherent high strength and stiffness for endless construction possibilities. Perfect for industries that demand durability and it promotes safer product development, suitable for all ages.
  • DIMENSIONAL STABILITY: ABSYLUX CN-P Conductive ABS possesses dimensional stability even in challenging conditions. Ideal for fabrications that require precision, maintains its shape and size well.
  • EASY TO MACHINE: ABSYLUX CN-P conductive ABS, made with carbon powder filled material, provides ease of machinability. Suitable for professional fabrications, perfect for structural applications requiring high-impact strength.
  • FORMABLE: ABSYLUX CN-P ABS is easily thermoformable with thin gauges and is bondable. It is designed to provide versatility in a variety of constructions. Perfect for industrial uses.
  • DIELECTRIC PROPERTIES: The ABSYLUX CN-P ABS exhibits exceptional dielectric properties, ideal for electronic industries.
  • BONDABLE: ABSYLUX CN-P ABS allows for easy bonding, affording seamless integration into existing systems.

ABSYLUX CN-P Conductive ABS is ideal for professional users, such as engineers and fabricators. Intended Use: For use in structural applications, industries requiring high impact strength, stiffness, and machinability.