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Product Name: Absylux® ABS

Absylux® ABS combines cost-efficiency with remarkable engineering flexibility, presenting an ideal choice for a vast range of applications. This low-cost engineering plastic is celebrated for its ease of machining and fabrication, making it a preferred option for machining pre-production prototypes. It boasts excellent dimensional stability, facilitating straightforward painting and gluing processes. Whether it's for innovative prototypes or high-quality end-use products, Absylux® ABS ensures consistency and reliability in every piece.

  • IMPACT RESISTANCE: Offers outstanding resistance to physical impacts, ensuring durability in demanding environments.
  • HIGH STIFFNESS: Its inherent high stiffness translates into excellent structural integrity for applications requiring rigidity.
  • HIGH STRENGTH: Absylux® ABS is characterized by its high strength, supporting the creation of robust and long-lasting components.
  • FDA COMPLIANT: Available in natural (beige) and black variants, Absylux® ABS meets FDA compliance for food processing applications, ensuring safety and suitability.

From home appliances to medical technology, Absylux® ABS by Port Plastics is a versatile material that caters to industries like food processing, automotive, electronics, and more. Its adaptability to food engineering and fixture construction, coupled with its compliance with FDA regulations, makes it an indispensable resource for a multitude of applications.