Acetron® AF Blend PTFE filled POM-H Acetal

Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials
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Acetron® AF Blend is a unique thermoplastic material for use in moving parts in which low friction and long wear life are important. It is a combination of PTFE fibers uniformly dispersed in Delrin acetal resin.   This combination offers better wear characteristics than unfilled Delrin. Acetron® Blend POM-H, supplied as a 2:1 blend of PTFE filled POM-H and virgin POM-H resins, has excellent sliding/friction properties. Bearings made of Acetron® AF Blend can operate at higher speeds while exhibiting reduced wear. These bearings are also essentially free of slip-stick behavior because the static and dynamic coefficient of friction are closer than with most plastics.   Acetron® AF Blend retains 90% of the strength that is inherent in unmodified Delrin acetal. Some properties are changed due to the addition of the softer PTFE fiber. The natural color of Acetron® AF Blend is dark brown.

Advantages of Acetron® AF Blend:

  • Better wear characteristics than unfilled Delrin
  • Excellent sliding/friction properties
  • Can operate at higher speeds while exhibiting reduced wear
  • Free of slip-stick behavior
  • Retains 90% of strength inherent in unmodified Delrin acetal