Acetron® AF Blend PTFE filled POM-H Acetal

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Product Name: Acetron® AF Blend PTFE filled POM-H Acetal

Acetron® AF Blend represents a revolutionary advancement in the realm of thermoplastics, designed specifically for moving parts where low friction and long wear life are paramount. This innovative material combines PTFE fibers uniformly dispersed in Delrin acetal resin, offering superior wear characteristics over its unfilled counterparts. The Acetron® Blend POM-H, featuring a 2:1 mix of PTFE filled POM-H and virgin POM-H resins, stands out with its exceptional sliding and friction properties.

  • ENHANCED WEAR RESISTANCE: Provides better wear characteristics than unfilled Delrin, ensuring durability and longevity in application.
  • OPTIMAL SLIDING PROPERTIES: Exhibits excellent sliding and friction properties, making it ideal for high-speed operations with reduced wear.
  • HIGH-SPEED CAPABILITY: Bearings crafted from Acetron® AF Blend can function at elevated speeds while displaying minimal wear, optimizing performance.
  • SLIP-STICK BEHAVIOR REDUCTION: Virtually eliminates slip-stick behavior, thanks to the closer static and dynamic coefficients of friction compared to most plastics.
  • STRENGTH RETENTION: Maintains up to 90% of the inherent strength found in unmodified Delrin acetal, despite the addition of softer PTFE fibers.

With its natural dark brown color, Acetron® AF Blend not only stands out in appearance but also in performance. This Port Plastics offering retains a significant portion of the strength characteristic of unmodified Delrin acetal while introducing the benefits of PTFE fibers for an unmatched combination of durability, efficiency, and reduced friction. Ideal for applications requiring precision and longevity, Acetron® AF Blend sets a new standard for thermoplastic materials.