DELRIN® 500AF Blend (POM-H with PTFE) Brown

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DELRIN® 500AF Blend Brown (POM-H with PTFE) stands out in the realm of engineering plastics by offering a unique combination of low friction and high strength, courtesy of its PTFE fiber enrichment. This modified acetal homopolymer from DuPont is more crystalline than its counterpart, DELRIN® 100AF, which translates into slightly superior strength and modulus, alongside enhanced machining properties. Designed to excel in bearing or low friction applications that demand good strength and dimensional stability, DELRIN® 500AF Blend is the material of choice for creating plastic bushings or bearings with a low coefficient of friction.

  • ENHANCED WITH PTFE: DELRIN® 500AF Blend, enriched with PTFE fibers, offers exceptional low wear and friction, ideal for bearing and bushing applications.
  • SLIGHTLY MORE CRYSTALLINE: Exhibits a more crystalline structure than DELRIN® 100AF, leading to higher strength, modulus, and improved machining characteristics.
  • LOW STATIC FRICTION: Specifically designed for applications requiring minimal friction against steel, plastics, or itself, ensuring smooth operation.
  • HIGH MECHANICAL LOAD CAPACITY: Capable of withstanding high mechanical loads, making it suitable for rigorous industrial applications.
  • GOOD MACHINABILITY: Its composition allows for easy machining into complex shapes and sizes, adding to its versatility across industries.
  • VERSATILE APPLICATIONS: Perfect for use in conveyor technology, automotive technology, business machines, the heavy-duty industry, printing machines, and packaging and paper machinery.

Its low static friction makes it particularly effective in applications involving movement against steel, other plastics, or itself, ensuring optimal performance. The high mechanical load capacity of DELRIN® 500AF Blend accommodates the needs of various industrial sectors, including conveyor technology, automotive technology, business machines, heavy-duty industry, printing machines, and packaging and paper machinery. Its good machinability further broadens its application spectrum, making it a versatile and indispensable material for engineering and design challenges.