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ACRYLITE® Gallery Premium Framing Acrylic is the top choice for artists, galleries, and museums seeking the highest level of protection and presentation for valuable artworks. This premium framing material offers unmatched optical clarity, ensuring that every detail and color of the artwork is vividly presented without distortion. With its superior UV protection, it acts as a shield, preserving the artwork's brilliance and preventing the harmful effects of sunlight exposure. Unlike traditional framing materials, ACRYLITE® Gallery Premium Framing Acrylic is shatter-resistant, offering enhanced safety and durability, making it ideal for public exhibitions and high-traffic areas.

  • PREMIUM CLARITY: ACRYLITE® Gallery Premium Framing Acrylic ensures your artwork is seen in vivid detail with its exceptional optical clarity.
  • UV PROTECTION: Offers unparalleled protection against UV rays, significantly reducing the risk of fading and preserving the integrity of your art.
  • SHATTER-RESISTANT: Far more durable and safer than traditional glass, providing peace of mind for both exhibitors and viewers.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: Its lightweight nature makes handling, shipping, and installing artworks and frames easier and more efficient.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Resists static and dust, making maintenance straightforward without compromising the acrylic's surface.
  • ANTI-GLARE OPTION: Available in an anti-glare version for viewing artwork in any lighting condition without reflection interference.
  • SUSTAINABLE: Manufactured with the environment in mind, ACRYLITE® Gallery Premium Framing Acrylic is recyclable, promoting eco-friendly framing solutions.

Its lightweight design simplifies the framing process, from transportation to installation, while its anti-static properties minimize dust accumulation, ensuring the artwork remains the focal point. For those seeking to eliminate reflection from their display, an anti-glare version provides flawless visibility in any lighting condition. Committed to sustainability, ACRYLITE® Gallery Premium Framing Acrylic supports eco-conscious framing practices by being fully recyclable. Whether for showcasing masterpieces in a gallery or preserving cherished photographs at home, ACRYLITE® Gallery Premium Framing Acrylic delivers superior performance and environmental responsibility.

Artists, gallery owners, museum curators, professional framers, and art enthusiasts looking for the highest quality framing material that offers protection, clarity, and sustainability for showcasing and preserving artwork.