ACRYLITE® Gallery UV Filtering (OP2)

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ACRYLITE® Gallery UV Filtering OP2 Acrylic represents the pinnacle of protective framing technologies, designed specifically for the conservation of valuable artworks. This premium acrylic sheet blocks up to 98% of harmful UV rays, providing unparalleled protection against the fading and degradation caused by sunlight exposure. With its exceptional optical clarity, ACRYLITE® Gallery UV Filtering OP2 ensures that every hue and detail of the artwork is displayed in vivid color and sharpness, as the artist intended.

  • ADVANCED UV FILTERING: ACRYLITE® Gallery UV Filtering OP2 Acrylic blocks up to 98% of harmful UV rays, safeguarding artwork from fading and degradation.
  • CRYSTAL CLEAR VISIBILITY: Provides the clarity and brilliance needed to display artwork in its truest form, without compromising detail or color.
  • SHATTERPROOF SAFETY: Offers a safer alternative to glass, reducing the risk of injury and damage to artworks in case of impact.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN: Easier to handle and install than traditional framing materials, making it ideal for large or delicate pieces.
  • ANTI-STATIC SURFACE: Attracts less dust and is easy to clean, ensuring that the focus remains on the artwork, not on the frame.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: Manufactured with sustainability in mind, ACRYLITE® Gallery UV Filtering OP2 is recyclable, contributing to eco-conscious framing practices.
  • VERSATILE APPLICATIONS: Perfect for galleries, museums, and private collections where preservation is as important as presentation.

Unlike traditional glass, this acrylic is shatterproof, offering enhanced safety for both the artwork and viewers, while its lightweight nature facilitates effortless handling and installation, even for the most substantial pieces. The anti-static surface reduces dust accumulation and simplifies maintenance, keeping the artwork pristine over time. As an eco-friendly framing option, ACRYLITE® Gallery UV Filtering OP2 is recyclable, aligning with modern sustainability efforts. Ideal for galleries, museums, and private collectors, it ensures that art can be enjoyed for generations without compromising on environmental responsibility.

Museum curators, gallery owners, art collectors, and framers seeking the highest level of UV protection for artwork, documents, and photographs to prevent fading and ensure longevity.