ACRYLITE® Gallery UV Filtering Mar resistant (OP3 MR1)

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ACRYLITE® Gallery UV Filtering Mar Resistant OP3 MR1 acrylic sheet stands at the forefront of preservation technology, offering unmatched protection for valuable artworks and photographs. With its ability to block over 99% of harmful UV rays, it is essential for preventing the fading and degradation caused by light exposure. This premium acrylic sheet goes a step further with its mar-resistant coating, a cutting-edge feature that resists scratches and damage, ensuring the artwork remains pristine and the viewing experience unimpeded over time.

  • UNMATCHED UV PROTECTION: ACRYLITE® Gallery UV Filtering Mar Resistant OP3 MR1 provides over 99% UV blocking, preserving artwork from fading.
  • MAR RESISTANT TECHNOLOGY: Features an innovative mar-resistant coating that protects against scratches and damage, maintaining clarity over time.
  • OPTIMAL CLARITY: Delivers crystal-clear visibility, ensuring that every detail of the artwork is seen without distortion.
  • SHATTERPROOF SAFETY: Offers enhanced protection with its shatter-resistant qualities, safeguarding both artwork and viewers.
  • EASY MAINTENANCE: The mar-resistant surface simplifies cleaning and reduces the need for frequent maintenance, keeping the focus on the art.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & VERSATILE: Its lightweight design facilitates easy handling and installation, ideal for a wide range of framing applications.
  • SUSTAINABLE CHOICE: As with all ACRYLITE® products, the OP3 MR1 is recyclable, emphasizing commitment to environmental responsibility.

Despite its robust protection, the OP3 MR1 maintains optimal clarity, allowing viewers to appreciate the fine details and true colors of the artwork. Its shatterproof nature enhances safety, making it an ideal choice for public spaces and high-traffic areas. The mar-resistant surface not only offers easy maintenance but also contributes to the longevity of the display. Lightweight and versatile, this acrylic sheet can be used in a variety of framing and display contexts, from galleries and museums to private collections. Embodying ACRYLITE®'s commitment to sustainability, the OP3 MR1 is recyclable, supporting eco-friendly practices in the art and framing industry.