Global Food Robotics Forecast Food Automation


The global FOOD ROBOTICS MARKET is predicted to double in the next six years. Current market size is estimated to be valued at USD $2.4 billion in 2022 and projected to reach USD $5.1billion by 2028, returning an average CAGR of 13.1% during same time period.

There are two drivers leading exceptional accelerated growth. Global population growth and the increasing demand for quality food. Food processors must increase rate of production with enhanced productivity to meet consumer demand.

Food Sectors such as dairy and bakery industry are actively minimizing human contact in the production process in order to comply with emerging health regulations.

Increased investments in food automation technology provides tremendous growth opportunities for plastics consumable smart parts.

How Does this Effect the choice of plastics? 

The Food Industry will require polymers that are visual, X-ray, or metal detectable for end effectors in direct contact with food. Additional Engineers will look for suppliers that can integrate emerging smart part technology. Where the part lets you know it is ready for replacing. To achieve this we need materials that are lighter, stronger, resistant to cleaning chemicals, and self-lubricating leading to increased component life. The convergence of AI, Industry 4.0, polymer technology will lead design and process engineers to next generation technology.

When choosing the optimal material for your food processing application, contact your local port plastics sales office for all your food processing plastics needs!

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