Bakery & Dough

Industrial Bakery Equipment is one of the largest and most diverse food segments in terms of equipment variability. Bakery Equipment applications are defined as moving (dynamic) or fixed (static). Industrial Bakery Equipment consists of several components that are exposed to various raw ingredients, batter mixes, abrasive media, thermal cycles, and caustic solutions. Although physical property requirements for moving or fixed components are similar, the material solutions are often different.​

Bakery Component Applications ​

Bakery Equipment applications require precision machined parts that are used to mix, form, roll, and move products in various stages. Parts are often in direct contact with food during the process cycle, from raw ingredients baking, and packaging.

Process equipment operates between 50° – 450°F, materials are chosen based on

  • Chemical or pH resistance​
  • Abrasion resistant ​
  • Non-Sticking ​
  • Resistant to Chipping ​
  • Sliding Properties ​
  • Detection

Wafer component applications Materials:

  • HDPE
  • UHMW
  • PA6
  • PET
  • POM

Typical applications:

  • Scrapers
  • Mixing Paddles
  • Sliding Vanes
  • Cutters
  • Dough Forming
  • Safety Enclosures