Excelon™ Bev-A-Line XX

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Data Sheet

Excelon™ Bev-A-Line XX has a sturdy but flexible outer shell with a smooth inner lining that offers resistance to abrasion, chemical attack and next-batch contamination. Excelon™ Bev-A-Line XX is gas permeable and withstands repeated autoclaving without separation of layers. The co-extruded construction of Excelon™ Bev-A-Line XX offers savings in installation over conventional braided profiles. The Hytrel liner is comparable to poly-ether based urethanes in regards to moisture permeability. With its low permeability, Bev-A-Line XX also works with refrigerant gases and hydrocarbons. Advantages of Excelon™ Bev-A-Line XX:

  • Outer shell provides electronic interference
  • Particulate matter does not adhere to interior surface during high-purity air sampling applications
  • Gas permeable
  • Withstands repeated autoclaving without separation of layers
  • High purity inert liner of high temperature and oil-resistant HYTREL
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Resistant to chemical attacks and next-batch contamination


  • High-purity and air sampling
  • Ideal for particulate matter & applications requiring UV resistance