Excelon CAB tubing

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Data Sheet

Excelon CAB tubing combines optical clarity and scuff and impact resistance with ease of fabrication. It can be easily cut, bonded with cement and printed and is UL rated. Excelon CAB is ideally suited for plastic packaging and tubing, especially for scientific products, and is available in FDA-approved formulations for medical and foodrelated uses. In addition, it’s a logical choice for extruded and profile shapes. The exceptional permanence and dimensional stability of Excelon CAB make it ideal for thin-walled applications where superior toughness, rigidity and durability are required. Because of its low water absorption characteristics, Excelon CAB exhibits minimal dimensional change in environments of varying humidity. Advantages of Excelon CAB tubing:

  • Ease of fabrication
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Superior toughness, rigidity, and durability
  • Low water moisture absorption  


  • Plastic packaging and tubing