Ketron® TX PEEK FG

Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials
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Ketron® TX PEEK FG from Port Plastics is a top-tier solution for the food and beverage processing and pharmaceutical industries. This material, notable for its compliance with EU 10/2011 and FDA standards, offers unparalleled safety and performance. Its unique internally lubricated composition reduces wear and friction, outperforming standard PEEK and extending the life of components.

Ideal for environments with extreme temperatures and requiring precise tolerances, Ketron® TX PEEK FG ensures operational efficiency and longevity. Whether for high-speed food processing lines or pharmaceutical manufacturing, this material delivers consistent performance with less maintenance required.


  • FDA COMPLIANT: Ketron® TX PEEK FG is fully compliant with EU 10/2011 and FDA standards, ensuring safe use in food and beverage processing. Offers reliability and safety in demanding industry environments.
  • REDUCED WEAR AND FRICTION: This food-grade material features internal lubrication, enhancing wear and frictional performance over standard PEEK. Ideal for extending component lifespan and efficiency in high-speed processing.
  • HIGH-TEMPERATURE RESILIENCE: Designed to withstand extreme performance temperatures, making it perfect for applications requiring high heat tolerance and critical precision.
  • INDUSTRY-VERSATILE APPLICATION: Suited for both food and beverage processing and pharmaceutical industries, offering versatile solutions where low frictional heat and durability are essential.
  • LONGEVITY AND DURABILITY: Lowered coefficient of friction extends wear and part life, providing a cost-effective solution by reducing the need for frequent replacements.
  • ADVANCED MATERIAL TECHNOLOGY: Manufactured by Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials, ensuring top-tier quality and performance in all applications.
  • CUSTOMIZATION OPTIONS AVAILABLE: Can be tailored to meet specific industry needs, offering flexible solutions for a range of applications.