Kynar® 740 PVDF

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Kynar® 740 PVDF, offered by Port Plastics, is a pioneering engineering thermoplastic that sets the standard for performance in harsh environments. Its balance of properties includes unmatched chemical resistance, UV stability, mechanical toughness, and flame resistance, making it the ideal choice for semiconductor and wet process industries. Kynar® 740 PVDF meets a range of certifications (FDA, USDA, USP VI, Dairymen 3A, UL V-0, FM 4910), ensuring it meets the highest standards for safety and performance. Whether you're looking to innovate in the medical field, food and beverage processing, or any industry requiring a robust material that can handle extreme conditions, Kynar® 740 PVDF is your go-to solution. With its low moisture absorption and ease of machinability, it offers versatility alongside durability. Trust Kynar® 740 PVDF to keep your projects running smoothly and safely, no matter the challenge.

  • UNMATCHED DURABILITY: Kynar® 740 PVDF is engineered for extreme environments, offering stability against harsh thermal, chemical, and UV exposure. Ideal for semiconductor and wet process applications, ensuring long-lasting performance. White color for a clean, professional look.
  • CHEMICAL RESISTANCE: Withstands aggressive chemicals, providing high purity and good wear resistance. Essential for labs and industrial settings, where safety and integrity are paramount. Meets FDA, USDA, USP VI, Dairymen 3A standards.
  • FLAME AND ABRASION RESISTANT: Offers inherent flame resistance (UL V-0, FM 4910) and is tough on wear and abrasion. Safety and durability in one, perfect for demanding industrial applications.
  • UV STABLE: Maintains integrity and appearance under UV exposure, ensuring a reliable solution for outdoor or light-exposed environments. Trust in a material that stands the test of time.
  • LOW MOISTURE ABSORPTION: Keeps its properties even in moist environments, making it ideal for high-humidity settings. Consistent performance, no matter the conditions.
  • EASY MACHINABILITY: Tailor Kynar® 740 PVDF to your precise needs with ease. Its workability allows for custom solutions in complex applications. Unlock the potential of a truly versatile material.
  • FDA COMPLIANT: Safe for contact with food, meeting strict health standards. A trusted material for food and beverage processing, medical devices, and more.

Professionals in semiconductor, wet process, medical device manufacturing, food and beverage processing, and any industry requiring a durable, chemical-resistant, and versatile material. Kynar® 740 PVDF is ideal for engineers, designers, and manufacturers looking for a reliable thermoplastic that meets stringent quality and safety standards.


  • Durable
  • Chemical resistant
  • UV stable
  • Flame resistant
  • FDA compliant
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Easy to machine