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LubX® C represents a breakthrough in materials handling and automation technologies, providing a high-performance sliding material specifically designed to enhance the efficiency of conveyor systems. This advanced material offers outstanding compatibility with POM and steel, significantly improving dry-running properties without the reliance on traditional oil-based lubricants.

By integrating LubX® C into your systems, you can expect a dramatic reduction in energy requirements due to its inherently low coefficient of friction. This reduction not only saves on operational costs but also diminishes the slip-stick effect almost entirely, thereby increasing process stability and preventing potential operational disruptions.

  • HIGH PERFORMANCE MATERIAL: LubX® C is engineered for optimal compatibility with POM and steel, offering exceptional dry-running properties without the need for oil-based lubricants.
  • REDUCED ENERGY REQUIREMENTS: Designed to operate more efficiently, LubX® C-equipped conveying systems require considerably less energy.
  • ELIMINATES SLIP-STICK EFFECT: Its low coefficient of friction significantly reduces backsliding, enhancing process stability and operational efficiency.
  • FOOD-SAFE COMPLIANCE: Certified for contact with foodstuffs under FDA/21CFR 177.1520, making it ideal for food processing applications.
  • NOISE-REDUCING: LubX® C also helps in reducing operational noise, contributing to a more pleasant working environment.
  • VERSATILE FORMS: Available in extruded profiles, sheets, and rods, providing flexibility for various industrial applications.
  • SIGNIFICANT FRICTION REDUCTION: Exhibits up to 75% less coefficient of friction with POM and 60% less with steel compared to PE-UHMW.

Certified as safe for contact with food, LubX® C is perfectly suited for use in food processing environments, where compliance with stringent FDA regulations is paramount. Additionally, the material's noise-reducing properties ensure a quieter operation, enhancing the work environment for personnel.

Available in various forms such as extruded profiles, sheets, and rods, LubX® C offers versatile application possibilities, particularly in sliding and conveyor parts within conveyor technology and food processing consumable parts. Whether upgrading existing systems or designing new ones, LubX® C provides a robust, efficient, and compliant solution for modern industrial needs.