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LubX® CV, developed by Roechling, is a high-performance sliding material specifically engineered for use in conveyor technology and automation systems designed to operate at higher velocities and pressure loads. This material significantly enhances system performance and efficiency, proven by scientific research to improve productivity while maintaining excellent sliding characteristics and high wear resistance.

LubX® CV's ability to exhibit very low temperature development during operation extends the lifespan of the system by reducing thermal degradation and wear. This feature makes it particularly suitable for high-speed applications where friction often leads to increased maintenance and downtime.

  • DESIGNED FOR HIGH VELOCITY: LubX® CV is tailored for systems that operate at increased speeds and pressures, enhancing productivity in conveyor technology and automation.
  • EXCEPTIONAL SLIDING PROPERTIES: Offers superior sliding characteristics that maintain performance even under high-load applications.
  • REDUCES TEMPERATURE DEVELOPMENT: Exhibits very low temperature development during operation, protecting the system and extending component life.
  • DURABLE AND LOW WEAR: Results in lower wear rates and a longer lifespan for both the material and the entire system.
  • VERSATILE FORM FACTORS: Available in compression molded sheets, skived sheets, extruded profiles, and rods to suit various application needs.
  • APPLICATIONS IN DIVERSE INDUSTRIES: Ideal for use in sliding and conveyor parts within conveyor technology and consumable parts in food processing industries.

Available in a variety of forms, including compression molded sheets, skived sheets, extruded profiles, and rods, LubX® CV offers flexibility and adaptability for a range of industrial applications. Its exceptional properties are particularly beneficial in the food processing sector, where durability and hygiene are paramount.

LubX® CV not only meets but exceeds expectations in demanding environments, ensuring lower wear and longer service life for conveyor systems and other machinery. Whether upgrading existing systems or designing new ones, LubX® CV provides a robust, efficient, and high-performance solution for modern industrial needs.