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Introducing PC-300® and PC-350® Polycarbonate from Port Plastics, the ultimate solution for environments where static control is crucial. These premium polycarbonate sheets are coated with SciCron Technologies' clear, static dissipative coatings, C-300™ and C-350™, which prevent charge generation on the sheet surfaces. This innovative feature controls particulate attraction and eliminates electrostatic discharge (ESD) events, ensuring the safety of charge-sensitive components, independent of humidity levels.

PC-300® is ideal for windows, doors, and mini-environment glazing panels, while PC-350® is tailored for bent and contoured equipment covers, guards, and enclosures. Both materials excel in applications demanding clarity, durability, and static control, such as in semiconductor and electronics manufacturing, pharmaceutical operations, and biomedical facilities.

  • STATIC CONTROL: PC-300® and PC-350® polycarbonate sheets feature a static dissipative coating, ensuring ESD safety across various applications, independent of humidity levels.
  • IMPACT RESISTANCE: Boasts superior impact resistance, safeguarding against damage in high-risk environments. Ideal for protective panels and equipment covers.
  • FLAME RETARDANT: Both materials offer excellent flame-spread properties, enhancing safety in electrical and electronic applications.
  • CHEMICAL AND ABRASION RESISTANCE: Exceptional chemical and abrasion resistance maintains clarity and integrity over time, suitable for cleanrooms and sensitive areas.
  • LARGE SHEET SIZES: Available in large sheet sizes for comprehensive coverage and minimal seams in installations. Simplifies fabrication and installation processes.
  • HUMIDITY INDEPENDENT: Their static control properties function completely independently of humidity, providing reliable performance in any environment.
  • VERSATILE APPLICATIONS: Perfect for semiconductor, electronics, micro-manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and biomedical industries, including cleanrooms and assembly operations.

With their superior impact resistance, flame-retardant properties, and exceptional chemical and abrasion resistance, PC-300® and PC-350® stand out as the materials of choice. Their large sheet sizes and ease of fabrication make them versatile for a wide range of applications, from cleanroom panels to transparent room partitions and laminar airflow containment screens.

Embrace the unparalleled performance and safety of PC-300® and PC-350® for your next project. Trust in Port Plastics to deliver materials that meet the exacting standards of industries where precision and reliability are non-negotiable.