Semitron® ESd 300 PET

Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials
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Semitron® ESd 225 POM from Port Plastics, utilizing Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials' Acetal POM, is the quintessential material for semiconductor manufacturing and handling. It combines high stiffness, low friction, and medium-level dimensional stability with controlled surface resistivity for electrostatic discharge safety. Its thermal performance up to 225 °F and superior wear resistance make it indispensable in the manufacturing of hard disk drives and the handling of in-process silicon wafers.

  • PRECISION ENGINEERING: Semitron® ESd 225 POM measures and is suitable for semiconductor manufacturing. High stiffness and low friction ensure the highest quality and precision. Offers optimal dimensional stability.
  • ANTI-STATIC PROPERTIES: Includes controlled surface resistivity (10^10 - 10^9 Ω/square) for safe electrostatic discharge. Perfect for sensitive electronic components and encourages a safer work environment.
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE: Semitron® ESd 225 features Acetal POM for exceptional toughness and tensile strength. Ideal for thin, lightweight design and benefits from high fatigue and creep resistance.
  • THERMAL RESISTANCE: Made with advanced materials, provides performance up to 225 °F (107°C). Suitable for high-temperature applications, perfect for semiconductor industries and offers durability to users.
  • WEAR RESISTANCE: Ensures long-lasting use with excellent wear resistance. Designed for fixturing used in hard disk drives and silicon wafer handling, ideal for high-wear conditions.
  • VERSATILE APPLICATIONS: Suitable for a wide range of industrial applications beyond semiconductors, including electronics and precision engineering. Offers flexibility and innovation to designers and engineers.
  • SUSTAINABLE MATERIAL: Semitron® ESd 225 POM is made with an engineering focus on sustainability, ensuring a lower environmental impact without compromising performance.

The material's high tensile strength and stiffness enable the design of thinner, lighter parts, while its electrical conductivity and antistatic properties enhance its utility in sensitive electronic environments. Semitron® ESd 225 POM, designed for those demanding precision and reliability in high-stress applications, ensures durability, performance, and safety in semiconductor and electronic industries.