Excelon™ Bev-A-Line XX


The High-performance Tubing With Inert Liner



– Available in conductive or non-conductive format

– Sturdy outer shell provides external insulation from shock and electronic interference

– UV resistant PVC tubing

– Smooth, inert Hytrel inner lining offers internal resistance to brasion, chemical attack and next-batch contamination

– Withstands repeatable autoclavability with no separation of layers

– Outstanding performance where high temperature, oil resistance and water processing requirements demand high purity in a stable environment

– FDA sanctioned (Reg.#117159) and complies with NSF standards for potable water

– Particulate matter will not adhere during high-purity air sampling applications


Chemically inert Bev-A-Line XX features a virtually inseparable molecularly bonded patented liner and shell fabrication. The cost-saving, streamlined coextruded construction replaces conventional reinforced braided profiles by combining the flexibility, bondability and tensile strength of Excelon™ RNT plasticized vinyl tubing with high-purity inert internal liner of temperature-and oil-resistant HYTREL polyester.