Semitron® ESd 480 PEEK

Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials
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Semitron® ESd 480 PEEK Port Plastics is the perfect solution for robust, heat-resistant, and static-dissipative applications. It is high in heat deflection, superior in tensile strength, has excellent dimensional stability, promises low friction, and offers enhanced wear resistance. Made by Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials, Semitron® ESd 480 PEEK ensures the highest quality and durability crafted from PEEK resin. A material known for its impressive mechanical properties and thermal stability. Our Semitron® is easy to maintain with unique wear-resistant features and designed to solve any heat or wear related issues. Semitron, having the ability to dissipate static electricity, measures an impressive heat deflection temperature of 500º F at 264 psi! Ideal for professional adult use.

  • High Heat Deflection: Semitron ESd 480 PEEK measures impressive heat deflection temperature of 500º F at 264 psi! Perfect for high-intensity electronics applications ensuring the highest quality and durability. Available in custom sizes.
  • Superior Tensile Strength: Includes robust tensile strength of 12,000 psi for endless structural possibilities. Perfect for industrial and mechanical applications, encourages long-lasting product life, suitable for adult professional use.
  • Excellent Dimensional Stability: Semitron ESd 480 PEEK features low coefficient of thermal expansion promising excellent dimensional stability. Ideal for precision applications and reliability.
  • Low Friction Feature: Made with PEEK material, Semitron offers a low coefficient of friction. Suitable for sliding parts or components, perfect for manufacturing industries and offers reduced wear to mechanical components.
  • Enhanced Wear Resistance: Semitron ESd 480 PEEK is easy to maintain with wear resistance making it immune to constant use under demanding conditions. Perfect for intensive wear applications.
  • Carbon Fiber Technology: Semitron uses standard Carbon Fiber technology to achieve dissipative properties. Serves as an electrical resistor for static electricity.
  • Stiffness and Strength: The product exhibits flexural modulus of 1,000,000 K psi, showcasing astounding strength and stiffness ideal for load-bearing applications.
  • Industrial, mechanical, and manufacturing industries. Semitron® ESd 480 PEEK is ideal for professionals dealing with high heat applications, such as engineers, mechanics, and equipment manufacturers.


    • High Heat Deflection
    • Superior Tensile Strength
    • Excellent Dimensional Stability
    • Low Friction
    • Enhanced Wear Resistance
    • Carbon Fiber Technology for dissipative properties
    • Crafted from PEEK material