Semitron® MDS 100

Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials
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Semitron® MDS 100, developed by Port Plastics and Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials, sets a new benchmark for machinable polymers used in precision structural applications. This material's proprietary polymer matrix offers a unique combination of features critical for high-performance parts, including very low moisture absorption, exceptional rigidity, and ease of machining to precise dimensions.

  • UNMATCHED RIGIDITY: Semitron® MDS 100 offers exceptional rigidity with a flexural modulus greater than 1,000,000 psi, ensuring unparalleled stability for precision parts.
  • MOISTURE RESISTANCE: Designed with very low moisture absorption to maintain dimensional integrity in varying environmental conditions.
  • PRECISION MACHINING: Easily machined to precise dimensions, perfect for applications requiring tight tolerances and fine details.
  • SUPERIOR STRENGTH: Provides a very strong and stiff platform, capable of supporting high-load applications without compromising performance.
  • DIMENSIONAL STABILITY: Features a low Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion (CLTE), meaning parts stay in specification even under thermal stress.
  • CRITICAL APPLICATIONS: Ideal for test sockets in semiconductor manufacturing, fixtures for electronics testing, and mounting points for precision equipment.
  • VERSATILITY: Use extends to positioning platforms for miniature motion control devices, demonstrating its broad utility in advanced engineering tasks.

With a flexural modulus performance greater than 1,000,000 psi, Semitron® MDS 100 is designed to withstand the demands of applications where fine machining and precise tolerances are paramount. Its very low CLTE ensures that components maintain their specifications under varying thermal conditions, making it the ideal choice for test sockets in semiconductor manufacturing, fixtures for electronics testing, and other precision diagnostic and control devices. Semitron® MDS 100's combination of strength, stiffness, and moisture resistance makes it an invaluable material for engineers seeking reliability and precision in their designs.