SI Series Heat Guns

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Port Plastics carries heat guns manufactured by Seelye Inc. Port Plastics currently carries these models from Seeleye Inc.:
  • SI-11164, SI-1165, SI-1166:HD Industrial - Quality heat guns with temperature and power ratings up to 1000°F and 1740 watts (120V) Air flow ratings range are 23 CFM at 3,000 FPM.
  • SI-6005:This lightweight, low cost heat gun features heat settings at 500°F and 1000°F. The air-flow ratings are 8 CFM at 1020 FPM.
  • SI-6003: Temperature settings of 570°F and 1050F. Air-flow of 15 CFM at 3650 FPM
  • SI-6004: Same as SI-6003 with variable temperature control from ambient to 1050°F