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Port Plastics carries plastic welding tools manufactured by Seelye Inc., which utilizes heat to weld plastic material which can be either shaped or softened. Port Plastics currently carries these models from Seeleye Inc.:
  • SI-1005: MODEL 63 WELDER: The basic Seelye Inc. welder for fast economical plastics welds. Comes with heavy duty air regulator and round tip.
  • SI-1002: MODEL 63 KIT: Contains welder, one round tip, one tacking tip and carrying case.
  • SI-1167: MODEL 63 PORTA WELDER KIT: Self contained and portable. HD air compressor plus contents of SI-1002.
  • SI-1188: SUPER WELDER: Controlled heat settings from 400 °F to 900 °F. Control on the handle for temperature change, thermostat controlled. Cooler barrel reduces risk of injury.
  • SI-1189: SUPER PLASTIC WELDER KIT: Same as SI-1188 with second tip plus carrying case.
  • SI-1193: SUPER PORTA WELDER KIT: Completely self-contained portable welding unit. Includes air compressor, tacking tip, and round tip.