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TECAPEEK® SD black is the epitome of engineering excellence, offering a distinctive blend of electrical conductivity and the renowned high-performance attributes of PEEK polymers. This variant, tailored specifically for the semiconductor industry, mitigates electrostatic discharge in sensitive electronic environments. Manufactured with the same meticulous standards as TECAPEEK® natural, it incorporates a carbon fiber reinforcement that enhances its electrostatic dissipative properties.

  • ELECTRICAL CONDUCTIVITY: Specifically designed to offer controlled electrical conductivity, TECAPEEK® SD black provides reliable protection against electrostatic discharge (ESD), crucial for semiconductor and electronic applications.
  • ENHANCED PERFORMANCE: Inherits the exceptional wear and mechanical properties characteristic of TECAPEEK®, ensuring durability and strength even under substantial thermal loads. Perfect for demanding environments.
  • CHEMICAL RESISTANCE: Maintains outstanding chemical resistance, making it suitable for use in the aerospace, medical, and chemical engineering sectors. Resists a wide range of aggressive chemicals without degrading.
  • HIGH THERMAL RESILIENCE: With an operational temperature capability of up to 500°F, it excels in high-heat environments. Its performance and integrity remain unmatched under extreme conditions.
  • PRECISION AND STABILITY: Offers excellent dimensional stability and high creep stability, making it ideal for precision-engineered parts that require reliability and longevity.
  • VERSATILITY IN APPLICATIONS: Its unique properties make it a prime choice for a wide array of industries, including semiconductor technology, automotive, oil and gas, and more.
  • SUPERIOR MACHINABILITY: Despite its enhanced properties, TECAPEEK® SD black does not compromise on machinability, offering easy processing and high-quality finishes for complex parts.
  • HYDROLYSIS AND STEAM RESISTANCE: Its resistance to hydrolysis and superheated steam ensures long-term performance and durability in challenging environmental conditions.

TECAPEEK® SD black, with its carbon fiber reinforcement, not only brings the electrical conductivity needed for safe electronic applications but also upholds the high standards of wear, chemical, and thermal resistance TECAPEEK® is known for. This material is an excellent choice for applications where electrostatic discharge control is paramount, without sacrificing the mechanical and thermal properties essential for high-performance parts.