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TECAPET® TF grey is a PET polyester that has been modified with PTFE additive, to improve its wear characteristics. The material is suitable to be used in many areas in the food processing industry, as it carries all necessary compliances for direct food contact. The addition of PTFE as a solid lubricant, allows for this PET material to demonstrate excellent sliding properties in addition to excellent wear characteristics, as well as the familiar physical properties inherant to standard TECAPET PET polyester material.

Advantages to TECAPET® TF grey:

  • ENHANCED WEAR RESISTANCE: TECAPET® TF Grey's PTFE additive improves wear characteristics, ensuring long-lasting performance in industrial use.
  • FOOD INDUSTRY COMPLIANT: Meets all compliances for direct food contact, making it a versatile choice for the food processing industry.
  • SUPERIOR SLIDING PROPERTIES: The addition of PTFE provides exceptional sliding capabilities, enhancing the efficiency of moving parts.
  • ROBUST PHYSICAL PROPERTIES: Offers high strength, toughness, and chemical resistance, maintaining integrity in various industrial applications.
  • HIGH STIFFNESS MATERIAL: Ideal for applications requiring firm and stable components, thanks to its inherent high stiffness.
  • WIDE INDUSTRY APPLICATIONS: Suitable for mechanical engineering, food technology, electronics, and the automotive industry.
  • TEMPERATURE RESILIENT: Performs optimally in environments up to 60°C, providing reliability in a range of operational conditions.

Target industries:

TECAPET® TF Grey is ideal for industry professionals in mechanical engineering, food technology, electronics, and the automotive sector, looking for robust, high-performance materials for diverse applications.