Techtron® PPS BG

Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials
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Product Name: Techtron® PPS BG

Techtron® PPS BG (bearing grade) heralds a new era in advanced material solutions, providing an innovative combination of internal lubrication and carbon fiber reinforcement. This compression-molded PPS material is engineered to offer a low coefficient of thermal expansion and unparalleled chemical resistance. Its unique composition ensures durability and performance in the most demanding environments, making it an ideal choice for wear applications and situations where electrical conductivity is a requirement.

  • INTERNAL LUBRICATION: The inherent lubrication of Techtron® PPS BG reduces the need for external lubricants, enhancing the lifespan and efficiency of components.
  • LOW THERMAL EXPANSION: With a low coefficient of thermal expansion, Techtron® PPS BG ensures dimensional stability under varying temperature conditions.
  • EXCEPTIONAL CHEMICAL RESISTANCE: Offers uncompromised resistance to a wide range of chemicals, preserving integrity and performance in harsh environments.
  • ENHANCED WEAR RESISTANCE: Ideally suited for applications experiencing high levels of wear and tear, ensuring longevity and reliability.
  • ELECTRICAL CONDUCTIVITY: Its capacity for electrical conductivity expands its applicability to a broader range of industrial uses.

From lantern rings to mining pumps, Techtron® PPS BG's robust properties make it a go-to material for critical components in challenging applications. This offering from Port Plastics demonstrates a commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions that meet the complex needs of modern industry.