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Product Name: Techtron® PPS

Techtron® PPS sets the standard for advanced engineering plastics with its unmatched chemical resistance across a broad spectrum of applications. This material boasts an exceptional performance profile, including no known solvents below 392°F (200°C), making it impervious to steam, strong bases, fuels, and acids. Its minimal moisture absorption and very low coefficient of linear thermal expansion make Techtron® PPS the material of choice for components requiring precise tolerances. The combination of these properties with Port Plastics' proprietary stress-relieving processes ensures that Techtron® PPS products are perfectly suited for precision-machined components.

  • CHEMICAL RESISTANCE: Offers the widest resistance to chemicals among advanced engineering plastics, standing up to a vast array of hostile environments.
  • MOISTURE RESISTANCE: Exhibits essentially zero moisture absorption, maintaining stability and integrity in wet conditions.
  • DIMENSIONAL STABILITY: Features a very low coefficient of linear thermal expansion and proprietary stress-relieving processes, ideal for tight-tolerance machining.
  • VERSATILITY: An excellent alternative to PEEK in applications operating at lower temperatures, providing cost-effective, high-performance solutions.
  • ELECTRICAL INSULATION: Exhibits excellent electrical characteristics and inherent flame retardancy, enhancing safety and performance in electrical applications.

Techtron® PPS, available through Port Plastics, is easily machined to close tolerances, offering a high degree of precision for structural applications in corrosive environments. Whether used in high-pressure liquid chromatography components, chip nests, or retaining rings, Techtron® PPS proves to be an invaluable asset for industries seeking reliable solutions in challenging conditions.