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TUFFAK® LD polycarbonate sheet is a highly UV stable product designed to provide superior light diffusion characteristics while maintaining high light transmission. The proprietary diffuser technology eliminates visible hot spots from pinpoint LED lights in typical flat and formed sign applications. The sheet is easy to form, fabricate and decorate and has excellent impact strength and dimensional stability. Advantages of TUFFAK® LD:
  • UV stable
  • Advanced light diffusion technology
  • Eliminates hot spots
  • Excellent impact strength
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Ease of fabrication
Available TUFFAK® LD colors:
  • H87 Green
  • C14 Orange
  • D98 Red
  • F85 Blue
  • M72 Yellow
  • 2119 Orange
  • F84 Blue
  • FO6 Blue
  • H35 Green
  • 2069 Blue
  • 7235 Green
  • D96 Red
  • D99 Red
  • 8197 Yellow
  • Flat and formed sign faces
  • Channel letters
  • Lighting fixture covers