Absylux® SD-A

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Absylux® SD-A, provided by Port Plastics, is a top-tier anti-static plastic that caters to a multitude of industrial applications. Known for its high impact strength and good tensile and flexural properties, Absylux® SD-A is engineered to meet the rigorous demands of industries such as electronics, automotive, food processing, and medical technology. This material's non-carbon-filled, anti-static nature makes it exceptionally easy to machine, thereby increasing efficiency in industrial production settings.

  • HIGH IMPACT STRENGTH: Absylux® SD-A offers robust impact strength, ensuring durability and reliability for diverse industrial applications.
  • GOOD TENSILE AND FLEXURAL STRENGTH: Provides excellent tensile and flexural strength, making it suitable for demanding environments in electronics, home appliances, and more.
  • EASILY MACHINED: Non-carbon-filled anti-static material allows for easy machining, enhancing manufacturing efficiency across industries.
  • CHEMICAL RESISTANCE: High resistance to various chemicals, ideal for applications in medical technology, food processing, and automotive industries.
  • DURABLE AND ROBUST: Designed for long-lasting performance in high-demand production environments, offering superior durability.
  • BONDABLE: Compatible with WELD-ON® 1707 for effective bonding, facilitating versatile component fabrication.
  • COST-EFFECTIVE: A value-driven choice that doesn't compromise on quality, suitable for businesses aiming to optimize manufacturing costs.
  • COLOR OPTIONS: Available in natural or black, accommodating specific design and aesthetic requirements.

Its chemical resistance makes it particularly valuable in environments where exposure to harsh chemicals is frequent, ensuring long-term durability and maintenance of performance standards. Furthermore, Absylux® SD-A is bondable with WELD-ON® 1707, which enhances its utility in creating complex industrial components. Available in both natural and black colors, it offers design flexibility while being cost-effective, making it an ideal choice for companies looking to maximize quality without incurring high costs. Whether used for creating components in home appliances or specialized medical equipment, Absylux® SD-A delivers consistent quality and performance, proving to be a reliable and economical solution for various industrial needs.