Absylux® SD-A

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Absylux® SD-A Innovative Static-Dissipative Material

Absylux® SD-A is the perfect solution for diverse industrial applications. It is of high impact strength, good tensile and flexural strength, easily machined, offers chemical resistance, durable, and bondable. Provided by Port Plastics, Absylux® SD-A ensures the highest quality and durability. Its non-carbon-filled anti-static material provides easy machining and superior performance. Perfect for industrial uses.


  • Durable and robust material
  • Bondable with WELD-ON® 1707
  • Easily machined for convenience
  • High chemical resistance
  • Provides good strength and stiffness
  • Available in natural or black
  • Cost-effective option
  • Suited for various industries.

Absylux® SD-A is ideal for industries including electronics, home appliances, food processing, automotive, and medical technology. Intended for industrial production environments.

    • HIGH IMPACT STRENGTH: Absylux® SD-A measures according to industry standards and is suitable for diverse industrial applications. Ensuring highest quality and durability. Available in natural or black.
    • GOOD TENSILE STRENGTH: Includes optimal tensile and flexural strength for endless possibilities. Perfect for electronics, home appliances, and encourages industrial development, suitable for all production environments.
    • EASILY MACHINED: Absylux® SD-A features a non-carbon-filled anti-static material ideal for easy machining. Ideal for food processing, automotive industry and offers superior performance.
    • CHEMICAL RESISTANCE: Made with premium quality materials, Absylux® SD-A provides resistance to various chemicals. Suitable for high endurance conditions, perfect for medical technology.
    • DURABLE: Absylux® SD-A ensures long-lasting performance and excellent durability. Ideal for high-demand production environments, and perfect for industrial uses.
    • BONDABLE: Absylux® SD-A can be easily thermoformed in thinner gauges, and is bondable with WELD-ON® 1707. Perfect for creating a variety of industrial components.
    • COST-EFFECTIVE: Ensures value for money with its superior quality and unique features. Ideal for industries looking to optimize manufacturing costs.