Boltaron® 4325 transparent CPVC

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Durable and Impact Resistant Boltaron® 4325 Transparent CPVC

Boltaron® 4325 Transparent CPVC is the perfect solution for industries looking for a high-quality, corrosion-resistant material. It is high impact resistant, corrosion-resistant, has a smooth polished surface, is suitable for thermoforming, and conforms with ASTM D1784.

Provided by Port Plastics, Boltaron® 4325 ensures transparency, high impact resistance, and corrosion resistance. Its smooth polished surface makes it appealing for many applications. The CPVC used in Boltaron® 4325 is flexible for thermoforming, making it suitable for custom applications.


    • High impact-resistant CPVC sheet
    • Corrosion-resistant Type II PVC
    • Transparent and polished on both sides for quality finish
    • Suitable for thermoforming applications
    • Meets ASTM D1784 standard
    • Offers long-lasting performance
    • Ideal for versatile industrial applications.

Boltaron® 4325 Transparent CPVC is ideal for industries including aerospace, semiconductors, medical, and energy sectors. It is an ideal choice for creating parts for semiconductor cleanroom equipment, machined parts, and thermoformed parts.

      • HIGH IMPACT RESISTANT: Boltaron® 4325 measures as per industry standards, suitable for diverse applications. Ensuring the highest quality and durability. Available as a transparent sheet.
      • CORROSION RESISTANT: Includes Type II PVC offering extensive corrosion resistance. Perfect for creating parts for semiconductor cleanroom equipment and encourages long-lasting performance.
      • SMOOTH POLISHED SURFACE: Boltaron® 4325 has a smooth, polished surface on both sides. Ideal for industries looking for a high-quality finish and superior aesthetics.
      • SUITABLE FOR THERMOFORMING: Made from materials that support thermoforming, providing flexibility and versatility in shaping. Ideal for creating custom machined parts.
      • CONFORMS ASTM D1784: Boltaron® 4325 complies with ASTM D1784, ensuring it meets international standards. Perfect for ensuring safety and reliability in various applications.
      • HIGH-QUALITY CPVC: Boltaron® 4325 is a high-quality CPVC sheet that ensures long-lasting performance and durability. Perfect for industries demanding high-quality materials.
      • VERSATILE APPLICATIONS: Boltaron® 4325 is ideal for a variety of applications, including making semiconductor cleanroom equipment, machined parts, and thermoformed parts.