Boltaron® 4335

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Boltaron® 4335 is an advanced thermoplastic alloy sheet, extruded to offer unparalleled flexural strength and Izod impact resistance for high-demand applications. Its robustness, coupled with exceptional flame-retardant properties, makes it an ideal choice for industries where safety and durability are paramount. Boltaron® 4335's compliance with critical flammability tests, such as UL 94 V-0, 5V, ASTM E162, and FAA standards, ensures it meets the rigorous requirements of aircraft, transportation, electronics, and medical applications.

  • EXCEPTIONAL DURABILITY: Boltaron® 4335 boasts a high Izod impact resistance of 18 ft lbs/in, ensuring rigidity and durability in finished parts.
  • FLAME RETARDANT: Meets UL 94 V-0, 5V and ASTM E162 standards, with a radiant panel flame spread index of <10, making it ideal for applications requiring strict flammability compliance.
  • NO PRE-DRYING NEEDED: This non-hygroscopic sheet eliminates pre-drying costs and time, offering efficient forming and fabrication.
  • UNIFORM THERMOFORMING: Features consistent thermoforming characteristics across lots, maintaining uniform wall thickness even in deep draws and sharp corners.
  • VERSATILE COLOR & TEXTURE OPTIONS: Available in a wide range of colors and textures, ensuring highly consistent surface appearance and quality for diverse design needs.
  • INDUSTRY COMPLIANCE: Complies with FAA flame test ratings, including FAR 25.853(a), suitable for aircraft, transportation, electronics, and medical industries.

The material's non-hygroscopic nature streamlines the fabrication process by eliminating the need for pre-drying, while its consistent thermoforming characteristics across lots guarantee uniformity in deep draws and sharp corner formations. Available in the industry's widest range of colors and textures, Boltaron® 4335 allows for creative freedom without compromising on surface quality or performance. Whether for safety-critical components in transportation or durable medical equipment, Boltaron® 4335 delivers high performance, aesthetic versatility, and compliance with industry standards.