Boltaron® 6800E

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Boltaron® 6800E Sheet - The Ultimate Choice for Aircraft Interior Plastics

Port Plastics proudly presents the Boltaron® 6800E sheet, a cutting-edge solution crafted from a proprietary thermoplastic alloy. Engineered to exceed the rigorous demands of the aerospace industry, this product ensures the highest standards of safety and quality.

Main Features

  • Fire Retardant: Complies with FAR 25.853(a) and UL 94 V-0, ensuring safety in fire-prone environments.
  • Impact Resistance: Offers exceptional durability against physical impacts.
  • Stain Resistance: Resists stains, maintaining aesthetic integrity.
  • Chemical Resistance: Withstands harsh cleaning agents, preserving material integrity.
  • Thermoformability: Maintains uniform wall thickness in deep draws, perfect for complex shapes.

Applications & Industries

  • Aircraft Interiors: Ideal for seating, paneling, and cabin components.
  • Transportation: Suitable for high-performance applications in automotive and rail interiors.
  • Medical Equipment: Used in durable, easy-to-clean medical housing and fixtures.
  • Industrial Machinery: Provides protective coverings for machinery exposed to chemicals and impacts.
  • Architectural Design: Enhances modern construction with fire-retardant, aesthetic panels.

Choose Boltaron® 6800E for its unparalleled performance and reliability. It's not just a material, but a cornerstone of safety and efficiency for your critical applications.

Ready to enhance your project? Contact Port Plastics today to learn more about Boltaron® 6800E and secure a material that meets your exacting standards.