Boltaron® 6540

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Discover Boltaron® 6540: The Premier Choice for Fire Safety and Durability

Enhance your industry applications with Port Plastics' Boltaron® 6540, a revolutionary fire retardant ABS/PVC alloy sheet. This product is expertly engineered to meet the rigorous FAA flammability requirements and UL Standard 94 V-0, ensuring top-notch safety and performance.

Key Features

  • Complies with FAA flammability requirements and UL Standard 94 V-0.
  • Boasts outstanding impact resistance for durability.
  • Features superior abrasion resistance for longevity.
  • Offers excellent chemical resistance against corrosives.
  • Highly thermoformable, adapting to complex shapes.

Target Applications and Industries

  • Aerospace: Ideal for interior cabin components.
  • Defense: Suitable for protective gear and vehicle parts.
  • Medical: Perfect for hospital equipment and enclosures.
  • Transportation: Use in fire-resistant panels and seating.
  • Electronics: Protective casings and insulation applications.

With Boltaron® 6540, Port Plastics delivers a product that not only excels in safety but also in versatility, meeting the needs of multiple high-demand industries. Its advanced formulation provides the endurance and resilience required in high-stress environments.

Why Choose Boltaron® 6540?

Choosing Boltaron® 6540 means investing in safety, efficiency, and quality. Its superior properties ensure it performs consistently under extreme conditions, making it a dependable choice for critical applications.

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