DELRIN® 100AF Blend brown (TECAFORM AD AF)

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Data Sheet

DELRIN® 100AF Blend Brown (TECAFORM AD AF) is a specially formulated acetal homopolymer infused with additional PTFE to enhance its performance characteristics. This unique blend offers a lower coefficient of friction and higher limiting PV (pressure-velocity) values compared to standard Delrin, making it an ideal choice for applications requiring reduced friction and improved wear resistance. Despite the slight decrease in wear capability and impact strength due to the added PTFE, the DELRIN® AF Blend maintains high strength, stiffness, and low moisture absorption, ensuring reliable performance across a broad range of operating environments.

  • ENHANCED WITH PTFE: DELRIN® 100AF Blend incorporates additional PTFE, offering lower friction and higher limiting PV values for improved performance.
  • LOW MOISTURE ABSORPTION: Its minimal moisture absorption ensures consistent performance in varied environmental conditions.
  • HIGH STRENGTH AND STIFFNESS: Provides exceptional strength and stiffness, making it suitable for demanding applications.
  • EASY TO MACHINE: The material's machinability allows for precision fabrication of parts with complex geometries.
  • OPTIMIZED FOR WEAR AND FRICTION: While the added PTFE may decrease wear capability and impact strength, it significantly reduces the coefficient of friction.

Its ease of machinability allows for the creation of precise components with complex geometries, further broadening its application scope. Whether for industrial, automotive, or consumer product applications, DELRIN® 100AF Blend Brown (TECAFORM AD AF) provides engineers and designers with a versatile material that balances enhanced performance with the exceptional quality of DELRIN®.