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TECAFORM® AH natural acetal, manufactured by Ensinger, is a high-performance engineering plastic designed for universal applications across a broad range of industries. This unfilled POM-C copolymer distinguishes itself with a set of exceptional physical properties, including high mechanical strength, rigidity, and excellent dimensional stability, which are essential for high-demand applications. TECAFORM® AH's porosity-free structure ensures high crystallinity and toughness, even at lower temperatures, making it an excellent choice for outdoor or cold-environment applications. Its low moisture absorption rate is particularly beneficial in food processing and packaging industries, where exposure to variable environmental conditions is common. Additionally, the material's excellent wear resistance and good chemical resistance make it suitable for everything from gear manufacturing to process engineering and agricultural machinery.

  • UNFILLED POM-C: TECAFORM® AH natural acetal is an unfilled porosity-free POM-C, offering a unique balance of physical properties not typically available in other thermoplastics.
  • HIGH MECHANICAL STRENGTH: Known for its high mechanical strength and rigidity, ideal for demanding engineering applications.
  • EXCELLENT WEAR RESISTANCE: Provides excellent wear resistance, enhancing the longevity of components in various applications.
  • LOW MOISTURE ABSORPTION: Features low water absorption, maintaining performance and dimensional stability in humid environments.
  • GOOD CHEMICAL RESISTANCE: Exhibits good resistance to chemicals, suitable for use in environments with chemical exposure.
  • EASY TO MACHINE: Can be easily machined to precise specifications, facilitating the manufacturing of complex parts.
  • VERSATILE APPLICATIONS: Widely used in food technology, agricultural machinery, construction, conveyor technology, automotive, gear manufacturing, packaging, and heavy-duty industries.

Easy to machine, TECAFORM® AH allows for the creation of precise and intricate parts without compromising the material’s integrity. Its versatility and robust performance make it a preferred material for engineers and designers looking to maximize the efficiency and durability of their products.