Duratron® PBI CU60 CM

Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials
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Excellent Heat Resistance with Duratron® PBI CU60 CM

Duratron® PBI CU60 CM is the perfect solution for applications requiring extreme heat resistance. Its superior mechanical properties, high heat deflection temperature, lowest thermal expansion coefficient, and high compressive strength make it an unrivaled choice for semiconductor and vacuum chamber applications


        • Unrivalled mechanical properties
        • Superior heat deflection
        • Lowest coefficient of thermal expansion
        • High compressive strength
        • Versatile applications
        • Excellent heat insulator
        • Specifically designed for the semiconductor industry.

Duratron® PBI CU CM is an ideal product engineers and manufacturers in the Semiconductor Industry, excelling in high-demand environments with its impressive heat resistance and mechanical properties.

          • SUPERIOR MECHANICAL PROPERTIES: Duratron® PBI CU60 CM offers the highest mechanical properties of any plastic above 400°F, suitable for diverse high temperature applications.
          • HIGH HEAT DEFLECTION: This product exhibits a heat deflection temperature of 800°F, ensuring peak performance in inert environments or air for continuous or short term exposure.
          • LOWEST THERMAL EXPANSION: With the lowest coefficient of thermal expansion of all unfilled plastics, Duratron® PBI CU60 CM makes for a reliable choice under fluctuating temperatures.
          • HIGH COMPRESSIVE STRENGTH: Duratron® PBI CU60 CM features the highest compressive strength unrivaled by other unfilled plastics. Ideal for semiconductor manufacturers and vacuum chamber applications.
          • MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS: This product's excellent ultrasonic transparency and heat insulation allow usage in ultrasonic measuring equipment and production/molding equipment, offering versatility.
          • EXCELLENT THERMAL INSULATOR: Duratron® PBI CU60 CM stands as a frontrunner due to its excellent thermal insulating properties, making it an ideal choice for heat-sensitive applications.
          • SEMICONDUCTOR INDUSTRY: Specifically designed to cater to the high-demand conditions of the semiconductor industry, offering robust performance and durability.