Within all facets of the Chemical Processing Industry valves are extremely common.  Gate valves, ball valves, butterfly valves, actuated valves and plug valves are just some of the varieties of valves that are commonplace in chemical processing.   Within those valves plastics are used extensively and chosen depending on the chemical resistance needed combined with the mechanical demands of the application.  NP carries a full range of near net shape polymer solutions specifically developed for the valve industry.

Factors in Material Selection

  • NORSOK-M710 compliance
  • Resistance to H2S
  • High pressure resistance
  • High Wear properties
  • Mechanical and dimensional strength

Typical Applications

  • Stem Seals
  • V Rings
  • Back Up Rings
  • Valve Seats
  • Ball Valve Seals

Common Materials Families (Food Grade)

  • PEEK
  • PTFE
  • Modified PTFE
  • PPS