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Pomalux® CN-F, offered by Port Plastics, is a conductive acetal co-polymer that sets the standard for engineering thermoplastics used in precision parts. Leveraging Acetal POM as its base resin, Pomalux® CN-F is infused with carbon powder to achieve a consistent surface resistivity of 10² – 10⁶ ohms/sq. This unique composition not only provides enhanced mechanical characteristics, including increased strength and stiffness but also delivers controlled Electro Static Discharge (ESD) protection through its antistatic properties.

  • ENGINEERED FOR PRECISION: Pomalux® CN-F, with Acetal POM base resin, is designed for parts needing high stiffness, low friction, and superior dimensional stability.
  • CONSISTENT SURFACE RESISTIVITY: Offers a controlled surface resistivity of 10² – 10⁶ ohms/sq, ensuring reliable ESD protection for sensitive electronic components.
  • ENHANCED MECHANICAL PROPERTIES: Carbon powder-filled material boosts strength, stiffness, and electrical conductivity, outperforming standard thermoplastics.
  • HIGH FATIGUE RESISTANCE: Built to withstand continuous stress, offering exceptional durability and longevity in demanding applications.
  • OPTIMAL DESIGN FLEXIBILITY: High tensile strength allows for thinner, lighter designs without compromising part performance or reliability.
  • LOW MOISTURE ABSORPTION: Maintains performance and stability in varying environmental conditions, ensuring consistent quality and functionality.
  • BROAD APPLICATION RANGE: Ideal for semiconductor, electronic packaging, and precision engineering sectors, where ESD protection and mechanical performance are critical.

With high fatigue resistance, creep resistance, toughness, and tensile strength, Pomalux® CN-F enables the design of thinner, lighter parts that are electrically conductive, offering low moisture absorption and chemical resistance. Whetherit's for the semiconductor industry, electronic packaging, or precision engineering, Pomalux® CN-F is the material of choice for applications demanding the highest level of performance and ESD protection.