Pomalux® SD-A

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Data Sheet

Pomalux® SD-A, presented by Port Plastics, is a groundbreaking antistatic acetal co-polymer specifically engineered for electrostatic discharge (ESD) sensitive applications. This innovative material features a non-carbon-filled, non-migratory formula offering permanent antistatic properties with a surface resistivity of 10 – 10⁹ ohms/sq, irrespective of humidity. Its natural color and enhanced lubricity not only provide superior wear resistance but also ease of machining, making it an ideal choice for precision parts.

  • PERMANENTLY ANTISTATIC: Pomalux® SD-A offers a controlled surface resistivity of 10 – 10⁹ ohms/sq, ensuring ESD protection without humidity dependence.
  • NON-CARBON FILLED: Unique non-migratory, non-carbon-filled formulation prevents sloughing, ideal for environments where cleanliness is paramount.
  • ENHANCED LUBRICITY: Provides superior wear resistance and enhanced lubricity for extended part life and improved performance in moving applications.
  • OPTIMIZED FOR ESD APPLICATIONS: Perfect for sensitive electronics where electrostatic discharge could be detrimental, maintaining safety and component integrity.
  • EXCELLENT MACHINABILITY: Easy to machine into complex shapes, allowing for precision components with reduced fabrication time.
  • LOW OUTGASSING: Exhibits low outgassing properties, suitable for clean room applications in semiconductor and electronic industries.
  • SUPERIOR PHYSICAL PROPERTIES: Boasts a tensile strength of 6,600 psi and a flexural modulus of 210,000 psi, ensuring durability and reliability.

With its exceptional low outgassing and non-sloughing characteristics, Pomalux® SD-A is optimized for use in clean room environments where electronic component integrity is crucial. The material's high fatigue and creep resistance, alongside its high toughness and tensile strength, allow for thinner, lighter part designs without compromising electrical conductivity. Whether for semiconductor manufacturing, electronic packaging, or precision engineering, Pomalux® SD-A delivers controlled electrostatic bleed-off alongside robust mechanical and physical properties, setting a new standard for ESD safety in the industry.