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POMALUX® CN-P from Port Plastics represents the pinnacle of conductive acetal co-polymer technology, tailored for precision engineering applications where high stiffness, low friction, and electrostatic dissipation are paramount. Utilizing Acetal POM as its foundational resin, POMALUX® CN-P is infused with carbon powder to achieve consistent surface resistivity, ensuring ESD protection for sensitive electronic components.

  • PRECISION ENGINEERED MATERIAL: POMALUX® CN-P, utilizing Acetal POM base resin, is crafted for parts requiring unmatched stiffness, low friction, and consistent dimensional stability.
  • ELECTROSTATIC DISSIPATIVE: Provides controlled surface resistivity of 10² – 10⁶ ohms/sq, making it an ideal choice for ESD-sensitive applications.
  • SUPERIOR MECHANICAL PROPERTIES: Carbon powder filled for enhanced mechanical characteristics, including elevated strength and stiffness, surpassing conventional thermoplastics.
  • HIGH FATIGUE AND CREEP RESISTANCE: Engineered for durability under continuous stress, ensuring long-lasting performance in rigorous conditions.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN CAPABILITY: High tensile strength and stiffness allow for the creation of thinner, lighter parts without compromising on durability or conductivity.
  • EXCEPTIONAL WEAR RESISTANCE: Designed to withstand extensive use, providing reliable performance with minimal wear over time.
  • VERSATILE MACHINABILITY: Easy to machine into complex shapes and sizes, offering flexibility in design and application across various industries.

Its remarkable mechanical properties, including high fatigue and creep resistance, toughness, and tensile strength, allow for the design of components that are not only efficient and durable but also electrically conductive. This material's low moisture absorption and chemical resistance make it suitable for a wide range of environments, enhancing its versatility and applicability. Whether for semiconductor manufacturing, electronic packaging, or precision mechanical parts, POMALUX® CN-P offers a solution that combines reliability, performance, and innovative ESD control.