Semitron® ESd 490 HR PEEK

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Semitron® ESd 490 HR PEEK from Port Plastics, utilizing advanced PEEK base resin combined with carbon filler for ESd materials, sets a new standard in the semiconductor and electronics industries. It provides exceptional wear resistance, a low coefficient of friction, and a low coefficient of thermal expansion, along with excellent strength and stiffness. The controlled surface resistivity of 10^11 - 10^9 Ω/square ensures safe electrostatic discharge in sensitive environments.

  • EXCEPTIONAL DURABILITY: Semitron® ESd 490 HR PEEK is renowned for its superior wear resistance and low friction, ensuring longevity in the most demanding environments.
  • ADVANCED ANTISTATIC: Features high controlled surface resistivity (10^11 - 10^9 Ω/square) for effective Electro Static bleed off, safeguarding sensitive electronics.
  • UNMATCHED STRENGTH: With a Tensile Strength of 14,000 psi and Flexural Modulus of 950,000 psi, it offers unmatched mechanical properties for high-stress applications.
  • THERMAL STABILITY: Boasts a Heat Deflection Temperature of 500º F at 264 psi, making it ideal for applications requiring resistance to extreme temperatures.
  • PEEK PERFORMANCE: Combines the inherent benefits of PEEK with antistatic properties, resulting in a material that does not compromise on performance or safety.
  • VERSATILE APPLICATIONS: Its excellent dimensional stability and electrical properties make it suitable for a wide range of industries, including semiconductor and electronics.
  • COST-EFFECTIVE SOLUTION: Offers a balanced cost-performance ratio, providing high-end material properties at a value that supports both small and large-scale operations.

With a Heat Deflection Temperature of 500º F and superior tensile and flexural properties, Semitron® ESd 490 HR PEEK is designed to withstand extreme conditions while maintaining precision and performance. This material not only meets but exceeds the demands of applications requiring high mechanical properties, antistatic behavior, and thermal stability. Ideal for engineers and designers seeking reliable materials for high-tech applications, Semitron® ESd 490 HR PEEK is the ultimate choice for cutting-edge projects.