Semitron® ESd 490 HR PEEK

Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials
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Semitron® ESd 490 HR PEEK uses PEEK as a base resin. PEEK offers excellent properties in terms of wear resistance, low coefficient of friction and low coefficient of thermal expansion. As well PEEK provides excellent strength, stiffness, and excellent dimensional stability for electronics applications. Combined with the carbon filler required for ESd materials, ESd PEEK blends offer optimal physical properties.

Semitron® ESd 490 HR PEEK offers the following benefits:

  • Delivers high controlled surface resistivity (109 – 1011 Ω/square) for controlled Electro Static bleed off with antistatic properties
  • Heat Deflection Temperature of 500º F at 264 psi!
  • Excellent physical properties:
    • Tensile Strength of 14,000 psi
    • Flexural Modulus of 950,000 psi
  • PEEK performance with antistatic properties and controlled dissipation