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TECAFORM® AH black, provided by Ensinger and available through Port Plastics, is a high-performance acetal material designed for precision engineering applications. As a black variant of TECAFORM AH natural (POM-C), it combines the mechanical strength, rigidity, and hardness of acetal with enhanced properties such as excellent chemical resistance and good sliding and wear characteristics.

This makes TECAFORM® AH black a versatile choice for industries like aerospace, semiconductor, medical, and energy, where durable and reliable materials are essential. Additionally, its suitability for direct food contact and improved UV protection capabilities make it an ideal material for both indoor and outdoor applications, including food processing equipment and other components exposed to the elements. Available in various shapes such as delrin tube, rod, and sheet, TECAFORM® AH black meets a broad spectrum of manufacturing and engineering needs. 

  • HIGH STRENGTH AND RIGIDITY: TECAFORM® AH black offers superior strength, rigidity, and hardness for demanding applications.
  • EXCELLENT CHEMICAL RESISTANCE: Ideal for environments requiring resistance to chemicals, ensuring long-lasting performance.
  • GOOD SLIDING AND WEAR PROPERTIES: Enhances the lifespan of components with its exceptional wear properties.
  • FOOD CONTACT SAFE: Certified for direct food contact, making it suitable for food processing equipment.
  • UV PROTECTION FOR OUTDOOR USE: TECAFORM® AH black is enhanced with UV protection, perfect for outdoor applications.

TECAFORM® AH black is ideal for engineers, designers, and manufacturers in the aerospace, semiconductor, medical, and energy sectors, as well as those in the food processing industry, looking for a reliable, high-quality material that offers both performance and versatility in demanding applications.