TUFFAK® CA polycarbonate sheet is an optical grade transparent polycarbonate sheet designed to meet International Building Code (IBC) Class A flammability for interior wall and


HYGARD® CG polycarbonate laminate containment grade sheet that meets ASTM F 1915 and HP White TP 0500. Unlike glass-clad products, this all-polycarbonate laminate resists spalling


HYGARD® BR multi-ply laminate grade sheets meet UL 752 rating for ballistic attack. All HYGARD products incorporate TUFFAK polycarbonate sheet produced for high optical quality

See-Thru Mirror Polycarbonate

See-Thru Mirror Polycarbonate is an ideal choice for surveillance, special use and theatrical applications. Also known as two-way mirror, See-Thru Mirror allows a percentage of

Polycarbonate Mirror

Polycarbonate Mirror sheet is the clear choice for the best in strength, security and flame resistance. Paper masked on both sides, Polycarbonate Mirror is available

AR Coated Polycarbonate Mirror

AR Coated Polycarbonate Mirror is the perfect choice when protection from scratching is a paramount concern. Available in many colors and thicknesses, it is ideally

AR Coated Polycarbonate

Abrasion resistant coated polycarbonate is the perfect choice when protection from scratching is a concern. The material is available in many colors and thicknesses, with

Anti-Fog Polycarbonate Mirror

Anti-Fog Polycarbonate Mirror is engineered to prevent fog build-up in a variety of conditions, the anti-fog coating is available on polycarbonate mirror. Anti-fog coatings are

Aircraft Grade Mirror

Aircraft Grade Mirror is specifically engineered for use in demanding aircraft applications, Aircraft Grade mirror sheet is crack, shatter and abrasion resistant. Made of lightweight



VIVAK offers a unique balance of physical properties and ease of fabrication. It is ideally suited for complex parts requiring fabrication, including deep thermoforming…


Acrylic Mirror “See Thru”

See-Thru, sometimes called two-way mirror, is a semi-transparent film of aluminum deposited on an acrylic or polycarbonate substrate.

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