Semitron® ESd 520 HR (High Resistive)

Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials
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Semitron® ESd 520 HR (High Resistive) from Port Plastics, developed by Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials, represents a breakthrough in materials technology, offering an unprecedented combination of electrostatic dissipation (ESd), high mechanical strength, and superior heat resistance. This innovative material is specifically designed to meet the stringent requirements of the semiconductor industry, making it the ideal choice for manufacturing nests, sockets, and contactors used in test equipment and various device handling components.

  • INDUSTRY-FIRST ESd: Semitron® ESd 520 HR introduces a revolutionary combination of electrostatic dissipation and high strength, suitable for semiconductor applications.
  • VOLTAGE RESILIENCE: Uniquely resists dielectric breakdown at high voltages (>100V), ensuring reliability in critical electronic equipment.
  • EXCEPTIONAL DURABILITY: Maintains performance across a wide voltage range, providing a stable and dependable material solution for demanding environments.
  • HEAT RESISTANCE: Engineered for high-temperature applications, Semitron® ESd 520 HR excels with outstanding heat resistance, ensuring long-term utility.
  • MECHANICAL PERFORMANCE: Offers the mechanical strength needed for nests, sockets, and contactors, making it ideal for test equipment and device handling.
  • STATIC CONTROL: Delivers controlled surface resistivity (10^10 - 10^12 Ω/square), allowing for safe and effective static dissipation in sensitive components.
  • APPLICATION VERSATILITY: From semiconductor manufacturing to electronic device assembly, this material is designed to support a broad spectrum of applications.

Its unique ability to resist dielectric breakdown at voltages greater than 100V sets it apart, ensuring consistent performance and reliability in high-stakes environments. Semitron® ESd 520 HR's controlled surface resistivity range (10^10 - 10^12 Ω/square) not only offers effective static control but also maintains its mechanical properties under high-temperature conditions, making it a versatile solution for a wide array of electronic manufacturing and handling tasks.