Semitron® MP 370 Ceramic Filled PEEK

Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials
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Semitron® MP 370 Ceramic Filled PEEK, brought to you by Port Plastics and Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials, represents a significant advancement in material technology for the semiconductor, electronics, and telecommunication industries. Utilizing modified PEEK as its base resin, Semitron® MP 370 exceeds the performance of traditional ceramic filled PEEK materials by offering higher heat resistance, improved machinability for cleaner and finer details, and enhanced toughness to withstand breakage in rigorous use.

  • ADVANCED MATERIAL: Semitron® MP 370 combines modified PEEK with ceramic filling, offering unmatched heat resistance and toughness for industrial applications.
  • ENHANCED MACHINABILITY: Provides superior machinability for clean, fine details due to its ultra-low stress, consistent plate compared to typical injection molded materials.
  • PRECISION ENGINEERING: Its extrusion manufacturing process ensures far better dimensional stability, allowing for finer features while maintaining tighter tolerances.
  • MOISTURE RESISTANCE: Features very low moisture absorption, making it ideal for use in environments where material integrity is critical over time.
  • HIGH TOUGHNESS: Improved toughness helps resist breakage in use, ensuring durability and reliability in demanding applications.
  • APPLICATION VERSATILITY: Perfect for IC test sockets in semiconductor manufacturing, structural parts in electronics, and insulating blocks in diagnostic equipment.
  • COST-EFFECTIVE SOLUTION: Offers good value for specific application environments where precision and durability are paramount without compromising on quality.

Unlike typical injection molded ceramic filled materials, the extrusion process used to manufacture Semitron® MP 370 results in ultra-low stress plates that provide exceptional dimensional stability during machining. This allows engineers and manufacturers to achieve a very high level of precision with tighter tolerances, essential for creating complex parts and components. Whether for IC test sockets in semiconductor manufacturing equipment, structural parts in electronics and telecom equipment, or insulating blocks and fixtures in diagnostic devices, Semitron® MP 370 is the material of choice for applications demanding the utmost in precision, durability, and performance.