The Use of Plastic Shapes in the Oil & Gas Industry

As the Oil & Gas industry goes deeper for exploration the plastic materials that are used in the industry are required to perform under increasingly extreme conditions.  Properties such as chemical resistance, mechanical performance, high temperature and high pressure are becoming more demanding and increasingly critical.  Industry based compliance to NORSOK-M710 and ISO 23926 is also becoming paramount.  Whether your application is for a simple valve, needs to perform in a sub sea environment or in a centrifugal compressor we offer materials to meet your requirements. 

We offer solutions focused on the following areas:

Vacuum Chamber
Compressor Seals

Traditionally, labyrinth seals in turbo compressors were machined from aluminum.


Within all facets of the Chemical Processing Industry valves are extremely common.


As the industry faces dimensioning oil & gas reservoirs the petrol chemical companies are forced to drill farther offshore and into deeper waters.