Semiconductor & Electronics Manufacturing

The manufacture of an IC chip has become increasingly difficult as the node size of the devise continues to decease in size. This miniaturization of the transistor size also has a profound effect on every facet of IC chip production ranging from the specialized equipment required to make the chip from a wafer to the burn in and test applications. As the global leader in the distribution of high performance plastic shapes to the Semiconductor & Electronics market, Port can assist you by helping to select the best material for your process. Our broad & global supply base coupled with our expertise offers you cutting edge information to make sure you optimize your performance with the latest technology available.

We offer solutions focused on the following areas:

Vacuum Chamber
Vacuum Chamber

materials and plasma resistance materials for Etch, Vapor Deposition & Ion Implant applications

Wet Process

materials for Clean, PVD, Wet Etch, ECD & various Wet Bench & Wet Process tool applications

Dry Environment & ESd

materials for specialty applications ranging from wafer mobility & electronic fixturing to metrology and lithography applications.


the broadest range of materials for 150mm, 200mm and 300mm CMP retainer ring applications

Back End Test

the most comprehensive portfolio on the globe that addresses the challenges presented by miniaturization