The advantage you get when you experience the superior product quality and unmatched service that comes from our 50 years in the business.


As the global leader in the distribution of high performance plastic shapes to the semiconductor & Electronics market, we can assist you by helping to select the best material for your process.

Oil & Gas

Oil and gas (petroleum) is a global powerhouse industry employing thousands of workers, generating billions of dollars each year, and dominating global economies and infrastructures with increased exploration, hydraulic fracking, and other production efforts.

Food & Beverage

The North American Plastics family offers a broad range of plastics for direct contact with food.

Aerospace & Defense

For over 50 years, Port Plastics has provided enhanced performance materials for many markets, including aerospace and defense.


As a significant sector in the economy, transportation is a multifaceted industry, with an ultimate goal of getting people and products to and from desired destinations.


The COVID-19 pandemic has caused increased demand in medical applications, equipment, and personal protective equipment, commonly referred to as PPE.

COVID-19 Solutions and Barriers

The sudden spread of the novel coronavirus COVID-19 highlighted the importance of barrier materials of hindering the spread of infectious disease.