Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is a high molecular weight fluorocarbon consisting wholly of Carbon and Fluorine.The unique properties of PTFE means it is now used across many different market sectors, for example O Rings, Seals, Washers, Plain Bearings, Gears, Slide Plates, High Voltage Switchgear, Electrical Sleeving, Chemical Dosing, etc.

PTFE offers:
• Excellent thermal resistance
• Excellent resistance to both chemical and solvent attack
• Low co-efficient of friction, thus high anti-stick properties
• Excellent dielectric properties
• Excellent arc resistance
• Approvals for use in food and potable water applications

Available in:

  • Molded Rods
  • Molded Tube
  • Molded Sheets
  • Plate
  • Skived Sheets